Do you have an inner Mud Warrior?

The Banzai Physical Challenge is a fun filled muddy obstacle course with obstacles created specifically for kids and families to test their physical limits and tolerance for getting messy! Kids can participate as an individual or team up with a parent, either way one thing is for certain, a muddy good time will be had by all!

Banzai Event

Banzai Physical Challenge is a fresh new concept in the mud run category that allows children and families to participate with one another. A team of local engineers designed technical obstacles scaled down for children to complete, yet difficult enough for adults to be challenged and have fun as well. The younger children will enjoy the entry level obstacles at the beginning of the run. The entire muddy course spans two mile snaked course with twenty obstacles that will have participants scaling the Ninja Wall, swinging from a rope on Gorilla Whip, and trying to conquer the “Warrior’s Mountain” quarter pipe before they slide down to the finish line. Prepare to get muddy but don’t worry, a rinse off station will be provided.

Heats begin at 9am and continue every ten minutes throughout the day. Spectators are welcome. After the run, enjoy a family tug-o-war, , local vendors, a beer garden for the adults, and the amazing food.

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Saturday Nov. 2nd or Sunday Nov.r 3rd